What To Wear Deep Sea Fishing

There's nothing better than a days fishing out on the ocean, however, if you've never done one of these trips before, you may find yourself wondering what to wear deep sea fishing and what items to bring with you. In this post, we find out.

What To Wear Deep Sea Fishing

What to wear deep sea fishing

So first up, you need to understand one thing – just because it’s a beautiful sunny day on-shore, doesn’t mean that those conditions are going to last out on the water where extreme changes in weather can happen quickly (it’s enough to give anyone sea sickness).

The best way to know what to wear is to check a forecast before casting off.

Therefore, we always recommend people think about their clothing in layers that can be added and removed to suit the conditions.

1. Summer Fishing

If it’s scheduled to be hot and sunny all day the a comfortable t-shirt, shorts and sunglasses should be about right. However, you’re also going to want to pack a windbreaker or a sweatshirt to throw on just in case.

If you’re due to return to port just as the sun is setting then sweatpants and a jacket is always good extra items to pack as temperatures do drop rapidly out on the ocean when the sun sets.

2. Winter Fishing

While in summer, you really only ever need two or three layers, in winter you’re going to need a lot more.

Due to how quickly weather systems can roll in during the winter months, you could be sweating in a base layer one second and wrapping up under two hoodies and a winter jacket the next.

For this reason, we always recommed that in winter you bring:

While this might seem like a lot of gear for a days fishing, believe me, if the conditions change, you’ll be glad that you brought so much. It’s like an old fishing tip that my father gave me – “You can always take it off but you can’t put it on if you don’t have it”.

3. Footwear

It’s also worth discussing appropriate footwear, as I’ve been on far too many trips where someone’s come in completely inappropriate footwear!

Sensible shoes are always the name of the game, so make sure that you come in flat, non-slip shoes like trainers or deck shoes. Flip-flops and sandals are never a good choice and can be a hazard when out on the water.

In winter, it’s always best to wear a pair of deck boots or rain boots. Not only do these help keep your feet dry, but you can always add a pair of thick socks to keep your feet extra warm!


So there you have it, now you know what to wear deep sea fishing and should be fully prepared for your next (or first) fishing trip!

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