The 13 Best Deep Sea Fishing Locations Around The World

From the laidback fishing of the Florida Keys to the epic battles in South Africa, in this post, we look at the 13 best deep sea fishing locations around the world.

The 13 Best Deep Sea Fishing Locations Around The World

The Best deep sea fishing locations In The World

1. Florida Keys, United States

Best For: Tarpon & Sailfish

Cost to Fish: $

When to Fish Here: All year round

No place in America is more angler friendly than the Florida Keys!

The fishing, the food and the nightlife all see thousands flock to the Keys each year.

Knowing what to wear when sea fishing in Florida is easy, normally just shorts, t-shirt and a sweatshirt just in case.

Reliable tour companies are numberous and because of this competition, prices are extremely affordable.

2. Bahamas

Best For: Bonefish & flats

Cost to Fish: $$

When to Fish Here: March to June

Like Belize and Bermuda (both further down our list), the Bahamas offers sensational year round fishing in an exotic location with a home vibe.

Stick a pin in any of the flats around the Bahamas Islands and you’re almost guaranteed good fishing. Here’s a top Bahamas sea fishing tip for you, try the following locations for the best fishing:

The guided tours are excellent and cater for your every fishing desire.

3. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Best For: Marlin, Dorado, Sailfish & Wahoo

Cost to Fish: $ – $$$

When to Fish Here: All year round

Checkout any list of best deep sea fishing locations and there’s one place that’s going to keep appearing time and time again – Cabo San Lucas, down Mexico way.

A fishing trip to Cabo isn’t just affordable but for most US anglers, it’s a no-brainer!

What I really love about Cabo is that you spend less time sailing out to the deep ocean and more time fishing. Where as some locations will see you sitting around swapping stories while you travel 30 miles offshore, when fishing in Cabo, you only need to sail a few miles out to get to the good grounds.

As you’d expect from such a fishing hotspot, tours are pleantiful and well run, just remember your fishing sunglasses as the ocean can be dazzling!

4. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Best For: Bluefin Tuna

Cost to Fish: $$

When to Fish Here: June – November

I honestly don’t think that there’s another town so full of fishing history and lore as Cape Cod is!

Visit this fishing location between June to November and you’ll be in with a shot of landing a Bluefin as they make their way past on the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

While 50-150lbs are plentiful, there’s also a good chance to catch on of the 200lbs bluefin that lurk only a few miles from the mainland.

5. Cairns, Australia

Best For: Black Marlin

Cost to Fish: $$$

When to Fish Here: September – December

Located in the northeast coast of Australia, Cairns is your gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.

As you might expect, fishing here is excellent with Cairns providing anglers from around the globe their best chance to catch Black Marlin.

6. Phuket, Thailand

Best For: marlin, tuna, queenfish, giant trevally, sea bass

Cost to Fish: $

When to Fish Here: July – October

If variety is your thing then a fishing trip to Thailand might be right up your street.

The warm waters of the Andaman sea play host to a huge range of fish that any angler worth their salt would be pleased to reel in!

7. Cape Town, South Africa

Best For: Tuna

Cost to Fish: $$

When to Fish Here: September – June

If there’s one spot on the planet that you should fish if you ever get the chance then it’s Cape Town, South Africa!

Not only do these rich waters contain some true giants, but these are fish that you aren’t going to land without a battle that you’ll be telling your buddies about for years.

8. Limon, Costa Rica

Best For: Mackerel, Dorado, Marlin, and Tuna

Cost to Fish: $$

When to Fish Here: Caribbean side: August – June | Pacific: December – October

Costa Rica is another of those tropical paradises that’s only a short home from most American destinations.

The coasts of Costa Rica are truly bountiful. On the Caribbean side you’ll be fishing for mackerel, dorado and tarpon while on the Pacific Ocean side, you’ll be going after some true trophy fish like marlin, tuna, roosterfish and snook.

9. Sicily, Italy

Best For: Tuna, Grouper & Swordfish

Cost to Fish: $$

When to Fish Here: April – October

Okay, so this is a bit of a brag, but I’ve been going privallaged enough to fish in Sicily many times over the years.

While the fishing is good, the real treat is best enjoyed afterwards – good seafish linguinie and a nice crisp white.

10. Nova Scotia, Canada

Best For: Giant Bluefin Tuna

Cost to Fish: $$$

When to Fish Here: August – October

In October 26th 1979, Ken Fraser smashed the world record for the largest bluefin tuna ever caught. The record catch, which weighed in at 1,496lbs, saw fishermen from around the world flock to Nova Scotia, hoping to break there own big catch records!

From June to October each year, schools of Giant Bluefin Tuna find their way to the temperate waters of Nova Scotia giving you the chance to make the catch of a lifetime.

As with every fishing hotspot, there are a number of extremely reputable tour operators who can take you out.

11. Bermuda

Best For: Blue Marlin

Cost to Fish: $$$

When to Fish Here: June – August

When it comes to true fishing paradises, Bermuda is certainly up there with the best of them.

Home to Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo, Bermuda is certainly one of the best deep sea fishing locations for trophy fish.

While the cost of fishing here is up there at the more expensive end of the market, it’s certainly worth it for this once in a lifetime experience!

Given how popula the island is with American holiday makers, the fishing charter fleets are extremely safe and reliable.

12. Malindi, Kenya

Best For: blue marlin, striped marlin, black marlin, sailfish, swordfish & shortbill spearfish

Cost to Fish: $$

When to Fish Here: All year round

Kenya isn’t just for savanah safari, their waters are teaming with some of the most desirable fish spiecies on the planet.

With the right conditions and a little bit of luck, it’s not uncommon for many a fisherman to compete the billfish royal slam (5 species of billfish in a single day).

With the vast majority of tour companies using English speaking guides, it’s easy to find a boat to suit your needs.

13. Belize

Best For: Bonefish, Permit ↦ Tarpon

Cost to Fish: $$

When to Fish Here: All year round

Belize is fast becoming one of our favorite fishing destinations and it’s easy to see why.

The year round fishing is fantastic, English is the primary language and the fish are numerous.

The Belize Governmet are extemely protective over their patch of ocean which makes the waters surrounding Belize, stunning!

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